Calgary Pride is a volunteer led organization with almost 30 years of roots in Calgary and a passionate commitment to the communities we serve.  Calgary Pride’s mandate is to advance visibility and inclusion for Calgary’s gender and sexually diverse communities.  To do this we build strong community partnerships, implement ongoing programs like Reading with Royalty, and produce Calgary’s premier celebration of diversity, our annual Calgary Pride Parade and Festival.  The Calgary Pride festival draws more 75,000 participants into Calgary's downtown core on the September long weekend each year.

In partnership with the Calgary Public Library, Calgary Queer Arts Society and ATB Financial, reading with royalty celebrates diversity and encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and embrace exploration of self. In this year round programming, participants are able to experience those who glamorously interpret gender expression and imagine a colourful world where people can express their identity freely. Sparking the imagination and celebrating inclusion in this family-friendly story-time program, led by local drag Monarchy, produced monthly at libraries around the city and at a variety of community events.  

As we continue to grow our year round programs and to manage both small and significant, free-to-the-public events, we are faced with the need to fundraise and we simply won't do that without bringing critical programs for queer youth in Calgary along for this ride.  With Calgary Pride's brand recognition, we recognize the importance that we continue to stand together as champions for diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities.

Furthmore, LGBTQ2+ tourism in Canada is valued at $8.5 billion, with 55% of this being spent within Canada.  According to a recent LGBT tourism study, people still feel Calgary is a conservative space, with LGBTQ2+ travellers preferring to visit Saskatoon and Winnipeg.  As Calgary Pride continues to grow our signature Calgary Pride Festival, annual programming and other initiatives like evolve: pride amplified, we are working to shift this perception.